Our Contributors

Coming from all walks of life – our writers are avid electronics enthusiast from across the globe.

For each and every one of our contributors, the research and understanding of electronics is a passion rather an occupation. With no formal education in the subject, they have taken it upon themselves to learn the ins and outs of the technological world and lay it out in a simple, yet intuitive manner. They believe that knowledge should be for everyone, that’s why they aim to make their articles accessible to people of all ages. By using a variety of mediums they hope to keep even the most casual of readers engaged.

Joan Yu

There may be many experts on the subject of Electronic Transferal systems, but Joan is one of the few that has self-appointed herself the title. After spending nearly 10 years rising through the ranks of Taiwan’s highly competitive Consumer Electronics industry, she made the unprecedented leap from factory line worker to middle-management, a feat that skyrocketed her career and gave her the finances to move to the States.

Currently operating out of Hawaii as a freelance electronic logistics specialist, Joan writes informative yet personal pieces, allowing the reader to learn about her chosen topic whilst also being entertained.

Lutalo Edgware

Lutalo’s upbringing was a far cry from the formative years that his Nigerian father had to endure.

Growing up in the urban sprawl of London’s East End, during the explosion of the Information Age, he was given the opportunity to learn basic code at a very age, a skill that he took to quickly with encouragement from his single Father. Having emigrated from Nigeria whilst Lutalo was still an infant, his son became his teacher as he grew older allowing him to gain a firmer grasp on the English language as well as the world of modern technology.

Having completed his Father’s education, he felt that it was time to spread his wings. He now travels the world, spending intermittent periods at Electronics companies in junior positions.

Valter Adriaansen

An avid technophobe for decades, when Valter discovered the wonders of the Internet halfway through his middle age, he was not only overwhelmed by the endless possibilities that this new technology offered him but he was simultaneously awed by how it all worked. This was when his informal education in electronics begun. Aided by his new found skills, Valter has covered a wide selection of topics, specialising in Internet Networks and Search Engines.

Although he’s the most advanced in years of the group, that by no means discounts him from the discussion. He enjoys informing the younger generations about the way their social lives are structured by the internet and employs the use of several social media feeds to do so.

Katja Mitchell

After a serious illness left her bedridden for six months, Katja was at a loss at what to do.

A manager of a bustling supermarket, without any work to get on with she soon found her mind wandering and her patience unravelling. Stumbling across some technical manuals in her husband’s office, she began poring over specifications and guides seeking to understand the Computer Industry that her spouse had spent his life working on.

By the time she had recovered, she had accumulated enough knowledge to rival her husband’s employees and she was soon handing her notice in at the Supermarket to join her partner in a junior position at his company.

Katja’s experience in Computer Architecture and Power Supplies has given her the edge in her work life, but on this site she prefers to write more informal pieces about how technology has helped her home life.